So... it is done!

The team behind Enblackened would like to thank everyone who made this event possible - the bands that played, our sponsors, those behind the scenes who worked hard, the press who came down to review and will speak of this event in the future, and of course the all important: everyone who came to join in the party.

On Saturday 15th May 2010, the NWOBBM (thats the new wave of british black metal folks!) made an impact in the London music scene. From opening act Reaping Havoc who saw a mosh pit by 4:10 in the afternoon - thats just ten minutes after doors opening - through to Abgott our headliners for this event, there was not a dull moment and we have heard nothing but good feedback ever since.

Photos and videos will be posted on this site in due course, and look out for Enblackened II in the near future!!

Formed to represent the UKs thriving black and blackened metal scene, Enblackened is organised by Envenomation Music and showcases the very best of UK black and blackened death metal, and is sponsored by Terrorizer Magazine, Total Rock Radio and Hughes and Kettner.


On May 15th 2010, our debut live outing showcases a selection of bands headlined by behemoths of the UK scene Abgott, backed up with the experimental extreme sounds of Candlelight Records' Xerath, the thrash and death metal influenced Empyreal Destroyer, the symphonic blackened metal of Traces, the raw heads down no holds barred approach of Primitive Graven Image, and guests Carpathia, Phyrexia and Reaping Havoc.

From the raw to the experimental to the symphonic, all will come together on May 15th 2010 to create this day of UK darkness. Support UK Black Metal! With a fifth of the tickets already accounted for on the facebook group within days and before any advertising and on word of mouth alone Enblackened is THE event for black metal in London in 2010. 

The blackness is coming...


Friday 14th May 2010: Final Message from the Enblackened teamEvent Horizon and Envenomation Music's debut live outing Enblackened 2010 is Tomorrow!

**** Latest Updates ***

* In the last few days we've picked up a brand spanking new Hughes and Kettner Coreblade from our Sponsors to go with the Switchblade for a guitar sound that is sure rip you apart. We've also just this afternoon picked up a brand spanking new PDP double bass drum kit, tuned and sounding incredible!

* Abgott will be filming tomorrow nights event. Get down the front and get yourself in on the action!

* Empyreal Destroyer, having come very close to having to let us down have pulled in ex-Peaceville Records' Dominion vocalist Arno Cagna at the last minute to ensure that the show that must go on does go on!

This is not a gig that you want to miss! Come tomorrow, Abgott, Xerath, Primitive Graven Image, Traces, Empyreal Destroyer, Carpathia, Phyrexia and Reaping Havoc will be presenting some of the finest blackened sounds that the UK has to offer, sponsored by Terrorizer Magazine, Total Rock Radio, Hughes and Kettner Amplification and Envenomation Records.

We hope to see you all tomorrow for the first ever Enblackened Day of UK darkness!!

Friday 14th May 2010: Door collection tickets available through here until midnight (Paypal only)

Tickets for door collection will remain available on here throughout today up until midnight. After that it'll be taking your chances tomorrow. We've really no idea what to expect tomorrow, and if you're not buying advance tickets we recommend getting down nice and early in the day to avoid disappointment.

8th May 2010: Just one week to go!

Tickets ordered through here have been sent out now, and from now the only tickets available through here are for door collection / reserve only. If you've ordered through here they'll be with you early next week at the latest.

Please mail if you have any queries or want to check on your order.

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